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The Canadian Progress Club consists of individuals whom dedicate their time and energy for the benefit of our society, an ideal that originated with a group of businessmen in Toronto whom chartered the first club in 1922. While fluid by nature, the aim of helping local charities remains the same, and in 1973, the St. Albert Chapter was chartered by the Downtown Chapter, and thus began our story of helping within our community, here in St. Albert.

There are three primary not-for-profit groups that the St. Albert Chapter of the Canadian Progress Club supports: Uncles and Aunts at Large, Camp Warwa, and the Children’s Charitable Society. There are many other beneficiaries though, including the Children’s Festival, Transitions, and the Food Bank. Nationally, the Canadian Progress Club is one of the largest non-corporate donors to Special Olympics. These have remained consistent throughout the St. Albert Chapter’s history.

Both Uncles and Aunts at Large and Camp Warwa are Canadian Progress Club initiatives. Uncles and Aunts at Large was started in 1967 by local CPC clubs to provide support to children from single-parent families, and, in 1980, the Warwa brothers donated 23 acres of land on Lac St. Anne to start Camp Warwa and provide children with experiential outdoor experiences. The intrinsic values of these organizations help our local children build self-esteem and become better citizens. This is why the Canadian Progress Club continues to support such groups.

Special Olympics is the beneficiary of our national Charitable Foundation, which receives contributions from every Canadian Progress Club. This enables children with disabilities to compete in various sports both nationally and internationally. St. Albert has proudly supported this cause year after year.


The St. Albert Chapter of the Canadian Progress Club is hosting our annual St. Albert Progress Golf Tournament, Dinner and Auction presented by Big J Arcade Inc.

The Canadian Progress Club is a national not-for-profit organization with supporting chapters across Canada. Each club is purely comprised of volunteers who donate their personal time and services to develop, manage and execute a range of upscale events and galas to raise funds for local charities. Here, in St. Albert, we have raised funds for the local Food Bank, KidSport, Transitions, Uncles and Aunts at Large, and Camp Warwa. The golf tournament is looking to raise funds for KidSport and the St. Albert Food Bank. These are two amazing charities that better the lives of many children and families within our diverse community.

The guests that attend the golf tournament are between the ages 21 to 65 years, and are urban professionals who are affluent, living and working within the St. Albert area. Our golf tournament is an opportunity to increase awareness of your business within the community and to help raise funds for our local charities. We are reaching out to local businesses like yours to seek your support through donations for our dinner and auction event.

We also would like to invite and encourage our supporters to participate in our golf tournament to see firsthand the vibrant energy that is generated in giving back to our community. We hope that you will take this opportunity to become involved with our organization and to join us in our efforts to improve the lives of those struggling within our community.

For more information on our St. Albert Progress Golf Tournament or the St. Albert Canadian Progress Club please contact us at or 780-418-8991. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on June 30th.

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